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X Product Ltd. - Bulgaria

X Product Ltd is a StartUp company that has a highly innovative technology for recycling glass and glass wool in the ” Recycling line to glass (crumbs) and glass trough crashing. XProduct Ltd and its “Recycling line for glass (crumbs) and glass wool trough crashing” are located at the Novi Iskar’s Industrial zone in an specially distinct hall with 5000m2 at the territory of “ZEBRA” plant.

Market objectives

“X Product’s” Ltd company policy is focused on promoting of the products in all scopes of it’s application, working tightly with scientific departments and leading technologists and designers.

“Xproduct” Ltd has a performed procedure on chapter six form LPE (law for Procetcing the Environment), ended with decision № СО-32-ПР/2021, that approves the performance of BEST PRACTICIES chapter 99 from LPE in connection with chapter 118 line 2, and according to chapter 117, line 1 from it, has a combined licence № 614-Н0-И0-А0 /2022 from the Executive Environment Agency. – Ministry of the Environment and Water

Production that will be performed are in the scope of categories of the production activities of application №4 of LPE, as follows:

  • “Instalation for recyclint glass (crumbs) and glass wool trough crashing” – point 5.1 letter “e” (” Instalation for disposal or utilization of hazardous waste in the meaning of the Law of Waste Treatment with capacity over 10MT of waste/overnight including one or more of the following activities: recycling/ renovating of inorganic materials, different from metals or metal compounds”);
  • “Instalation of temporary storage of hazardous waste” (storing of glass wool with code 17 06 03*) – point 5.5 (Temporary storage of hazardous waste, which does not match the applied field of point 5.4, to performing some of the activities, mentioned in point:5.1,5.2,5.4 and 5.6 with a total capacity of 50MT  except the temporary storage of waste on the area of collecting them”).
  • Code R5– Recycling/ Renovation of inorganic materials;
  • CodeR 12– Exchange of of waste subject to some activities with codes
  • Code R1-R11(Cutting, tearing, milling);

Code R 13 – Storing of waste till performing activities with code R1-R2, except ot the temporary storage of waste on collecting area before transporting them.

„Instalation for recycling of glass (crumbs) and glass wool trough crashing” is created based on a unique technology in which there are 8 (eight) pcs. of Vibration Mills grouped in four pairs that work independently and moving the material with pneumatic float.  

For the construction and the work of the vibration mills there is a registered model №3484U1

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