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Trough the last decade of intensive activities in the civil engineering a vast amount of construction waste is being generated. Especially ин Europe – about 890 milion MT of such waste are being generated from which only 50% are recycled. Yearly in Europe generates 800 milion MT construction waste, including hazardous waste and soils. Forecast volume of the glass wool and glass of one year is 3.5-4 million MT.  i.e. 0.2% from all generated wastes is wool. 

Wool has a wide scope of application as building isolation. 

Due to the importance of these wastes, European countries apply national and international policies, as well as other precautions, in order to minimize the negative impact from the generating management of waste to the health of the population, as well as minimizing the resource usage and their impact to the environment. 

The large quantities that are being generated from the waste products of the glass, can be recycled only mechanically. At the high temperature treatment the glass is melting and after cooling down it turns in to glass again. 

Each MT of used glass crumbs prevents/saves about 500kg emissions of СО2  


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